I’ve always believed that technology should be a force for good.

In 2012, I joined the founding team at VolunteerLocal, a Des Moines-based software company designed to automate the volunteer signup and scheduling process for events and nonprofits. Over the last nine years, we scaled that business to thousands of users impacting millions of volunteers around the globe.

With a fantastic team at the helm, I knew it was time for me to pursue a new challenge.

Two weeks ago, I stepped forward into my new role as the Head of Customer Development at Roboflow, a YCombinator-backed startup focused on…

Developing, deploying and optimizing computer vision models used to be a cumbersome, painful process. With Roboflow, we sought to democratize this technology, which (first and foremost) meant knocking down the barriers that we perceived were preventing everyday people from exploring and implementing computer vision in their work and daily lives.

The natural result of this undertaking was a true “end-to-end” solution, a product that enables users to start with a set of raw images, and in the span of an afternoon, create a fully trained computer vision model. The only necessary ingredients to this process are a laptop, a wifi…

Kaylee Williams

Building at Roboflow

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